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About Existential blossom(s)

Welcome to Existential Blossom(s) – a blog written by a Slavic girl in her 20s.

EB was firstly created in the late August of 2020. This is actually the 2nd time of it being born (November 2020).

The tought & idea of creating this place of mine had been haunting me for a couple of years already. Now, with EB already created, my soul is finally closer to its content a bit more.

I have a new place where to carefully & peacefully put its fragments.


  • Existentialist to the core.
  • Constantly thinking.
  • Old vintage kafkaesque soul.
  • Married to nature & art.
  • Lover of Gregorian chant.
  • Minimalist in training.
  • Fond of writing her soul out.
  • E N T J.